Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Lately I am so overwhelmed.
I am not the mom I thought I would be.  Not right now. 
With Mila constantly throwing tantrums and fighting me every second of the day, its hard to deal with. Especially alone.
I don't have family here to take her when I need a break.
I don't get date nights or alone time with my husband.
I never get a break. Ever.

Meanwhile, the dishes are piling up and I am trying to keep up with making sure the house is clean all the time. If I dont my OCD will kick in, and the mess raises my stress levels even more.

My daughter is so strong willed. I know I was the same way when I was her age and I have no idea how my mom dealt with it. The past two weeks have took such a toll on me.
Out of nowhere. She has always been such a sweetheart but that sweet side is hiding lately.

I am that mom who LOATHES asking for help. Even for little things.
I feel like I need to do everything on my own and I know it doesn't help but I cant help it.
I need to take care of everyone else, never taking care of myself.

I don't want to go to public places because it is a guaranteed battle, ending in her screams being heard on the other side of the store, all because she won't hold my hand. Or all because she wants to take off running into the parking lot. Every outing this week has been pure hell.

Then there's me, raising my voice, constantly nagging and begging her to listen.
Being that mom that I always judged and swore I would never be. Bribing my child just to get her to listen to me for 5 seconds. Snapping at my husband for throwing his shoes on the floor in the wrong spot. Just feeling like I am going insane.

My anxiety is at an all time high and what the cuss. What do you even do in this situation? Have any of you gone through this with your toddlers/children? I am out of ideas. I try to be nice and talk her down from tantrums, doesnt work, so I get mean, doesnt work. I feel like nothing works. I am all for any ideas or coping mechanisms you all have, before I move to a deserted island, or hide in the closet for 10 minutes. 

All the feelings. All the stress. All the 'what the hell?!'s
I need a hug.
And another Red Bull.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


I could literally spend all day looking at fonts online.
I have hundreds and hundreds of fonts on my computer right now. 
Its absurd, 
But I think it's time to start sharing some of my favorite finds each month with you guys,
so you can get in all of this goodness.

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Friday, April 17, 2015


Are you guys following Candace over at Hippie at Heart yet?! If not, you should. She is one of the sweetest ladies I know and has two of prettiest little girls I have ever seen. I just finished up a blog design for her and I am obsessed!

So feminine and so much fun! Stop by and check her out, you wont regret it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


For the first time in a LONG time, I feel like a blogger. The last few weeks I've slowly made sure I could spend a few hours on the computer daily. Whether it's getting up earlier, staying up later, or playing outside all morning so Mila will nap for a few hours, I am doing it. I am making time. And I am falling in love with blogging like I used to be, if not even more.

With that said, I am back to blog designing! I am so excited! I cannot even explain how much I missed it. I have been spending lots of time lately, purchasing the newest fonts and learning new design elements that I can't wait to try out. My design blog is undergoing a face lift right now but if you click on the DESIGN tab up top, you can see my terms & conditions, some of my past designs, and contact information. I can't wait to start working with you guys again!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

NUBY REVIEW: Flip n’ Sip w/ NEW 360 Weighted Straw Cup

As a first time mom I had no idea how picky babies and toddlers could be at such a young age. We have gone through 3 types of bottles, several brands of plastic utensils, and an endless number of sippy cups, until we could find ones she would use without complaint. 

I am excited to announce that our sippy cup search is over. Unlike other straw cups, the new Flip n’ Sip w/ NEW 360 Weighted Straw Cup, allows children to drink out of them at ANY angle. No more having your toddler tilt the cup up too far, being unable to drink anything, then throwing a fit. 

The Touch-Flo valve and flip top work together to keep all spills at bay. My husband is most excited about this feature, due to the spills after spills his car has endured from our past sippy cups. 

Last but not least, this cup is BPA free! Something every mom loves to hear. 

 The Flip n' Slip 360 Weighted Straw Cup will be available July 2015 at the following stores:
• TJ Maxx
• Marshalls
• Bealls Outlet 
• www.amazon.com


Disclosure: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


A few weeks ago we got to cross not one but TWO items off of our bucket list. Going to London and the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour. And can I just say, they were both 100% worth having on our bucket list. We totally forgot to bring our camera so excuse the iPhone quality pictures, they really don't do the place justice.

Not to sound too Harry Potter obsessed but I teared up 3 different times walking through the place. You start out in a theater watching a quick clip about Harry Potter and how it became so popular. Bring on the waterworks. The screen goes up and its the actual door to Hogwarts. Then once the lady open them up you are in THE GREAT HALL. The actual Great Hall where all the amazing people of Harry Potter filmed.

Now I don't want to spoil the fun for any of you that might be lucky enough to go here yourselves in the future so I'll just post some of my favorite pictures on the tour! My only regret was not being able to fully enjoy it. I had to chase Mila around 95% of the time and rush through things. It took us about  2 1/2 hours to get through it but if we were alone it would have easily taken us 5 hours. EASILY.

Every thing you see was used in the movie sets. This place is where they actually filmed a lot of the Harry Potter series as well. 

'Until the very end.'

Friday, March 6, 2015


A few weeks ago we got Mila this table set from Ikea for only $20. How can you beat that?! Its a perfect blank slate to do anything that you want with it. I am in the process of making Mila's room into more of a play room since she sleeps with us anyway. The first step was donating all of her baby toys and furniture and we are slowly adding more toddler friendly things to it. 

The chairs are all pine and felt very uncomfortable so we bought some batting and fabric from Ikea. There are several tutorials on Pinterest on how to add the cushion to the chairs. I used this one but instead of using a foam board I used 4 layers of batting. I sprayed a few coats of Scotch Guard on the fabric assuming they would get dirty easily. The first day she used the set she colored all over the chairs with crayon and luckily the Scotch Guard made it super easy to clean off. Then I purchased acrylic paints that matched the fabric as best as possible. I am in love with dipped furniture lately so this was the perfect project to attempt it on. We also painted the top of the table and backs of the chairs in chalkboard paint. I plan on writing MILA on the back of one chair and if she ever has a sibling, writing their name on the other chair. The acrylic paint has been great as its very easy to wipe it down. Especially with her easy access to crayons and chalk, she has colored on every part of this table and it looks like new after a quick wipe down. 

I can't wait to move soon and decorate her new 'big girl' bedroom completely and make an attempt at moving her bed into their as well. It will be full of dipped furniture, pastel and bright colors, and lots of pine. What decorating styles have you guys been loving lately?